It is important for you to know that the Trimble Co. School District and its employees live by and are committed to the following…

Our Mission:

It’s About Every Student, Every Day… No Excuses

Our Vision:

The Trimble County School District will develop graduates who are College and Career Ready.

Our Belief Statements:

This We believe….

  • A student’s success is the responsibility of students, teachers, parents, and community.
  • Students become contributing members of society by maximizing their personal potential.
  • Our focus for all students will be thinking and learning in reading, writing, and math. (literacy and numeracy)
  • Every student needs a safe, nurturing environment to achieve at high levels.
  • Data drives our decision-making.
  • Instructional time is valued and protected.
  • Students are partners in their learning.
  • Parent involvement is essential to students’ success.
  • Communication is critical between the school and home.
  • All students learn differently.