How to use Google Classroom as a Student

How to Log In as a Student
  • Go to any Internet Browser (preferably Google Chrome)
  • Go to classroom.google.com and click Login
  • Enter your Google username (same as School Network Login) and click Next
  • Enter your password (same as School Network Password) and click Login
  • Click Student
  • You are now Logged In!
  • Note: If you want to add an account, you have to on your account and click Add Account.
How to Join a Classroom
  • When you’re at the Home page, next to your name, there is a “+”
  • Click on the “+”
  • A Pop-Up will ask for a class code, ask your teacher for your class code and enter it
  • You are now in a class!
Completing Assignments
  • Open the proper class
  • The assignment should be there
  • Click Open on the assignment
  • Your teacher should tell you to Create a Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.
  • To do the above, Click Create. (It should give the options above.)
  • Then, you should be able to do your assignment!

If the assignment does NOT require you to submit a “product” (file), you can still indicate that you completed the work. Google Classroom gives the student the option to “Mark as Done” so the teacher will know that the student has completed the assignment. A teacher might assign Chapter Two for reading and ask the student to indicate that the Chapter has been read. In that case, you can just click “Mark as Done”.

How to see your assignments for classes
  • From the Home page, click on the three lines in the top-left corner
  • Click “Enrolled”, directly under that, click on Work


  • Go to Stream on the left side and there should be a list of “work” to do.
  • Click on the Assignment that is to be completed.
Using Stream

Stream is the default view in Classroom. You can see posts from the teacher and other students in Stream. You can share posts with your class or comment on an item. Here’s how to use Stream.

  • Choose the “class”.
  • “Stream” is the default view for all classes.
  • Scroll down to see entries by the teacher and other students.
  • Create your own posts by clicking the “+” in the bottom right and then clicking “Create Post”.
  • When creating a post you have the option to attach items
    • Attaching a file
    • Attaching an item from Google Drive
    • Attaching a YouTube video
    • Attaching a link

How to use Google Classroom as a Teacher

How to Log In as a Teacher for the First Time
  • Go to classroom.google.com
  • Choose an Account- Click Sign In
  • Enter teacher e-mail (You will have to Login twice.)
  • Google Apps- Click Use Another Account
  • Enter teacher e-mail and teacher password
  • You are now Logged In!
Using Stream Teacher's Perspective
  • Login to your classroom
  • Once you are logged in, you will automatically see “Stream”
  • In the bottom right corner, there is a “+”, click it
  • You will then have four options:
    • Reuse Post
    • Create Question
    • Create Assignment
    • Create Announcement
  • Reusing a post:
    • Click the student's name that has shared the post wanting to be reused
    • Click on the post you would like to reuse
    • Share the post
  • Creating a question.
    • Type the question that is wanted to be asked
    • There is an instructions option where you can have the students answer in a certain format or wording
    • Assign a due date
    • Type of answer? You can have the students answer in a short answer format or multiple choice
    • There is also the option of the students replying to each other and also students editing the answers
  • Creating an assignment
    • Title the assignment with the name wanting
  • You may also attach items such as 
    • A file
    • An item from Google Drive
    • A YouTube video
    • A link 
  • Creating an announcement 
    • You may share anything with your classroom
    • You may attach items, also (same items from above)
Extra Information
  • If for any reason there are no laptops or computers available, there is a “Google Classroom” app that you can download to your smart device.
  • Students and teachers can use the Share to Classroom Chrome extension to share web content. Teachers can use it create and share assignments and announcements as well. For details about using the share to Classroom Chrome extension, see the article on sharing for teachers or for students.
  • Administrators can turn off Classroom for their domains or for specific organizational units, similar to how you disable other services.