It is the mission of Trimble County High School to graduate students who are problem solvers, resilient, innovative, motivated, effective communicators, leaders and service-oriented. 


A student who graduates from our school will ….

  • receive a diploma from a state-recognized school of distinction where teachers use creative methods to engage their students with relevant and real-world instruction
  • be qualified for post-secondary college and career programs
  • have developed effective leadership skills
  • be critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • manage time effectively, be goal oriented, and practice effective organizational skills
  • be able to communicate ideas and thoughts effectively in a variety of modes (written and spoken)
  • be able to read and understand informational text at grade level
  • have shown evidence of having served his/her community
  • demonstrate a basic understanding of how to effectively manage money
  • understand how to best utilize technology; including being proficient at finding reliable and accurate information and using social media responsibly
  • gain an appreciation of diverse experiences and cultures
  • possess the skill set to persevere through difficult challenges

Faculty Beliefs

  • Our mission is possible. 
  • High expectations are important, for students and faculty. 
  • Collaboration benefits students and teachers. 
  • School must be a safe/secure environment. 
  • Content should be rigorous and engaging. 
  • Equity and equality are different - equity ensures fair treatment of all students. 
  • All students should have equal access to programs and supports. 
  • Students should be afforded multiple opportunities for success.