Here is all the information needed to order your official Trimble County High Letter Jacket!

Online Jacket Order Site: hjkyjackets.com

The deadline for ordering your letter jacket is November 15--- to receive your jacket in February 2021. Everything you need to order is included right here, and has been sent to your student email account.

See attachments.

Orders must be placed either online at: hjkyjackets.com or by mail at the address below.

An $80 Deposit is required to place your order. Final balances are due prior to receiving your jacket in February 2021.

If you wish to order the All-American Package that includes your letter jacket and class ring, please call our office at 502-240-0505, as we will have to take your order by phone.

The All American Package

Fall 2020 Letter Jacket Flyer

Thank you!

Rick Etienne

Herff Jones Company

Louisville, KY 40299

(502) 240-0505