Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Guidelines


Access to Electronic Media

Student, Staff, and Community Member Use

Trimble County Public Schools (TCPS) support student, staff, and community access to all forms of educational technology and believe it is incumbent upon students, staff, and community members to use this privilege in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Procedures and Guidelines

The Superintendent or a designee (currently the Trimble County District Technology Committee) shall develop and implement appropriate procedures to provide guidance for student, staff, and community member access to electronic media. Guidelines shall address ethical use of electronic media, including the Internet, issues of privacy versus administrative review of electronic files and shall prohibit use of the District's technology for unacceptable activities which will be described in this document.

Permission/Agreement Form for Student and Parents

All students who will utilize the District network (TCPSnet) will need to sign a Network Access Agreement. This form outlines acceptable use of TCPSnet and requires a parent signature. Parents may specify on the agreement whether they want their child to have TEACHER SUPERVISED access to the Internet and to email.

This document shall be kept on file as a legal, binding document. In order to modify or rescind the agreement, the student's parent/guardian must provide the Superintendent with a written request.

Agreement for Staff and Community Members

School district employees and community members shall submit a signed agreement form prior to using District technology in an unsupervised setting. Thisdocument shall be kept on file as a legal, binding document.

General Standards - Users

The following standards apply to student, staff, and community member access to electronic resources.

Primary (P-3) Students

* Elementary students access network resources using a student login (student1, etc.). This type of user login allows student read-only access to instructional software and data files.

* Elementary students access to the Internet is only available under the direct supervision of a district employee.

*Teachers who encourage students to use electronic mail for a particular purpose should allow the student to use the teacher's e-mail account or the classroom accountbut ONLY WITH DIRECT SUPERVISION. Students will not be granted individual e-mail accounts.

Elementary (4-5) Students

* Elementary students access network resources using a personal login (SMITHJ, DOEJ, etc, etc.). Thistype of user login allows students a private storage directory for student work.

* Elementary students’ access to the Internet is only available under the direct supervision of a district employee.

*Students will have individual district-provided email accounts as required by KDE. Parental permission is required for use of student email. Students will access mail using the district web mail link on our web page rather than through an individual profile. Profiles should only be created with the approval of a teacher or administrator.

Middle School (6-8) Students

*Middle school students access network resources using a personal login (SMITHJ, DOEJ, etc.). Thistype of user login allows students a private storage directory for student work.

* Student access to the Internet is available: under direct supervision of a district employee

*Students will have individual district-provided email accounts as required by KDE. Parental permission is required for use of student email. Students will access mail using the district web mail link on our web page rather than through an individual profile. Profiles should only be created with the approval of a teacher or administrator.

High School (9-12) Students

*High School students are allowed to use network resources using a personal login (eg. doej --John Doe, etc.). This account gives the student full student use of the TCPS network including disk space.

* Student access to the Internet is available: under direct supervision of district employee

*Students will have individual district-provided email accounts as required by KDE. Parental permission is required for use of student email. Students will access mail using the district web mail link on our web page rather than throughan individual profile. Profiles should only be created with the approval of a teacher or administrator.

Certified and Classified Staff

*TCPS will create accounts for employees who need network access. The appropriate forms and training must be completed. Access is provided for educational and work related purposes. Teachers and staff may not use TCPSnet for personal gain.


Students are not allowed to put software on any district computer. Teachers who wish to install software should notify the Chief Information Officer so that the installation can be approved and recorded.

Each teacher is responsible for providing proof of ownership of all software installed on his/her computer which was not purchased by the school or the district.

Privacy, rights, and responsibilities

The superintendent (or a designee), the Chief Information Officer, the Network Administrator, and the principals (within their respective buildings) have the right to access information stored in any user directory, on the current user screen, or in electronic mail. Users are advised not to store personal confidential data. While the District retains the right to access all user accounts and stored information, the District will access this information only for maintenance, security purposes, or where there is a compelling reason. Network management and monitoring software may be used to insure compliance with all applicable district policies and with state and federal legislation. Specifically, Senate Bill 230 requires all Kentucky school districts to restrict access to sexually explicit and other questionable material on the Internet and to audit Internet usage to insure that employees and students honor the restrictions. Trimble County Schools will comply with SB230 and take appropriate action when policies are violated

Network and Internet Policies

Access to all electronic resources at Trimble County Public Schools is a privilege and carries with it responsibilities. The following general policies apply to all users.

1. Trimble County Public Schools maintain the right to limit access to software and/or documents found on the Internet.

2. Trimble County Public Schools will not be responsible for damages caused by loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries, or service interruptions for any reason.

3. Security on any computer system is a high priority, especially when the system involves many users. If any user identifies a security problem on TCPSNet, s/he must notify a network administrator and should not demonstrate the problem to other users.

4. Vandalism shall result in cancellation of privileges. Vandalism is defined as any attempt to harm or destroy data, hardware or software of TCPSNet or any agencies or other networks that are connected to KETS Internet backbone. Vandalism includes altering any settings on any district computer or installing any unauthorized software, utilities, or games.

Violation of the following terms and conditions may result in the immediate loss of network services. The use of your account must be in support of education and consistent with the objectives of the Trimble County Schools.

* You may not give your password to anyone.

* You may not use or alter any one else's Internet network account.

* You may not offer Internet access to any individual via your TCPSNet account.

*You may not purposefully visit Internet sites that are sexually oriented or those that promote violence, hate, racism, or discrimination. Nor will you purposefully visit sites that provide information about any activity intended to lead to personal injury or property destruction. Trimble County Schools provide Internet access for educational purposes; therefore, the classroom teacher will decide whether a specific Internet site meets his/her educational goals if there are questions of appropriateness.

* You may not break in or attempt to break into other computer networks.

* You may not create or share computer viruses.

* You may not destroy another person's data.

* You may not monopolize the resources of TCPSNet by such things as running large programs and applications over the network during the day, or using system resources for games.

* You are not permitted to get from or put onto the network any copyrighted material (including software, images, and digital music)

*No form of instant messaging or chatting is to be used on TCPSnet without permission.

* As a user of this community system, users should notify a network administrator of any violations of this contract taking place by other users or outside parties. This may be done anonymously.

* No illegal activities may be conducted via the network

* All communications and information stored on the network should be assumed to be the private property of Trimble County Public Schools.

* Acceptable Use of other organizations' networks or computing resources must comply with the rules appropriate for that network. Transmission or storage of any material in violation of any U.S. or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material protected by trade secret.

Electronic Mail Regulations

*Email should pass two tests:

(1)Does it lead to personal gain for the sender? If so, don’t send it.

(2)Is it educational or work related? If not, don’t send it.

Community announcements may be sent with the best intentions but if they can’t pass the test, don’t send them.

*Students should use personal distribution lists judiciously. Complaints from other users may result in the loss of email privileges.

*Each TCPSnet user has only one acceptable method of using email…that is the district provided email account. No other internet mail is approved for use.

*Do not forward or send chain messages, “public service announcements”, or any non-instructional communication – especially to entire schools, districts, or departments.

* Be polite. Do not write or send abusive messages to others.

* Use appropriate language. Do not swear, use vulgarities or any other inappropriate language.

* Students must not reveal personal addresses or phone numbers

* While the district does back up electronic mail stored on the server, there is no guarantee that it will always be available; district employees are encouraged to store mail in personal folders. Backup of personal folders is the responsibility of the user.

* Note that electronic mail is not guaranteed to be private. People who operate the system do have access to all mail. Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities may be reported to the authorities. For additional information see board policies found in the Student Code of Conduct (BP 9.438) and in BP 03.1321, BP 03.2321, BP 03.2325, and BP 03.1325 for certified and classified employees regarding use of school property, disrupting the educationalprocess, and conduct.

Loss of Network Services

The superintendent or a designee may suspend or close an account at any time as required. Revocation of network privileges will be for a period determined by the appropriate building level administrator. Users (students, staff, or community members) whose accounts are denied, suspended or revoked may:

1. Request (in writing) from the district a written statement justifying the actions.

2. Submit a written appeal to the Superintendent.

3. Appeal to the board of education. The decision of the board of education is final.

Faculty and Staff who knowingly and deliberately violate this policy, may be subject to an official reprimand by their immediate supervisor and can be reported to the Superintendent for more severe job action or termination if the nature of the violation warrants.

Student Network Access and Email Contract
Trimble County Public Schools

Directions: The full text of Trimble County Schools Acceptable Use Guidelines is available in each classroom. Please read and fill out the appropriate portions of the following contract completely and legibly.The signature of a parent or guardian is required for all students. Please return the contract to your teacher.

(Please print)

First Name: _________________________ M.I. : ____ Last Name:_____________________________


The student agrees to the following statement:
I understand that TCPSnet is used only for educational purposes and that I must use the network responsibly to insure continued access. I will not modify the network configuration nor will I alter any electronic files that are not my own. I know that electronic mail is used only for constructive educational purposes and not to harm others or put myself in peril. I will visit only Internet sites that my parents and teachers would approve. I understand that TCPSnet Guidelines are available in every classroom if I have any doubt about appropriate use of TCPSnet. I further understand that violation of the regulations is unethical and may even constitute a criminal offense. Should I commit a violation, my access privileges may be revoked, I may face school disciplinary procedures, and, if my actions violate state or federal laws, Trimble County Public Schools will notify appropriate authorities and pursue legal action if necessary.

Student's Signature:_______________________________________________________Date:__________


Trimble County Public Schools are happy to set up training for parents and guardians who wish to learn more about the internet before making an informed decision about their student's access. If you are able to make that decision now, you can check the appropriate space and sign below.

The parent or guardian agrees to the following statement:
I understand that the internet access opens up the entire world of information to my child. I understand the educational benefits of the internet and the inherent dangers as well. I will explain to my child the need for responsible use of this resource and encourage him/her to follow all school guidelines to protect the safety of everyone in the school. I understand that school email accounts for grades 4-12 will be used to send and receive only WITHIN the district. No outside mail will be permitted to reach my child’s email account. My child will not be permitted to send email outside the district. Students may be given access to outside mail if a teacher requests it for instructional purposes and if the parent or guardian grants permission for the outside access.

During the 2009-2010 school year, the Kentucky Department of Education will implement a new email and collaborative tools system that will utilize Microsoft’s resources to provide some services to Kentucky educators and students.

The Outlook Live e-mail solution is provided to your child by the district as part of the Live@edu service from Microsoft. By signing this form, you hereby accept and agree that your child’s rights to use the Outlook Live e-mail service, and other Live@edu services as the Kentucky Department of Education may provide over time, are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in district policy/procedure as provided and that the data stored in such Live@edu services, including the Outlook Live e-mail service, are managed by the district pursuant to policy 08.2323 and accompanying procedures. You also understand that the Windows Live ID provided to your child also can be used to access other electronic services that provide features such as online storage and instant messaging. Use of those Microsoft services is subject to Microsoft’s standard consumer terms of use (the Windows Live Service Agreement), and data stored in those systems are managed pursuant to the Windows Live Service Agreement and the Microsoft Online Privacy Statement. Before your child can use those Microsoft services, he/she must accept the Windows Live Service Agreement and, in certain cases, obtain your consent.

(check one)INTERNET(check one)EMAIL(Only within the district)
I want my child to have access to the internetI want my child to have access to EMAIL
I don't want my child to have access to the internetI don't want my child to have access to EMAIL

Parent or Guardian Signature:_________________________________________________Date:________

Classified and Certified Staff Internet Network Access

I have read the Trimble County Schools electronic resources Acceptable Use Guidelines and agree to follow the acceptable use of the network and proper network etiquette. My signature below indicates that I agree to follow the guidelines. I understand that I am responsible for my own personal behavior using Trimble CountyPublic Schools electronic resources.

Teacher/Staff Name (please print): ___________________________________________________________

Teacher/Staff Signature: ____________________________________________________________________

School/Location: ______________________________ Date:____/____/____School Year: __________________

------------------ This document is to be kept on file by the School Building Technology Coordinator. -------------------

Trimble County School District Personal Use Policy

1. Policy on Teacher and Student Owned Devices

  1. Device Name and MAC Address Information

3. Proxy Information for Teacher and Student Owned Computers

Policy on Teacher and Student Owned Devices

This Acceptable Use Policy must be interpreted within the framework of all other school and district policies that set guidelines, restrictions, and prohibitions on the use of digital devices. This includes telecommunications devices. Cell phones that have computer capabilities are still restricted for student use as described in board policy. It is increasingly difficult to categorize digital devices; Principals will make the final decision if there is disagreement on the use of any digital device.

The Trimble County School District appreciates the fact that employees and students are willing to bring in personally owned computer equipment to be used for schoolwork and student use. However, several items must be addressed when connecting a non-KETS standard device to the district’s network.

  1. Overview
  2. Software
  3. Support
  4. Conditions
  5. TCPS Rights
  6. Acceptance


  • A student or employee who brings privately owned computers/other technology devices to school is personally responsible for the equipment. Responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the equipment rests solely with the student/staff member. Any damage to the equipment is the responsibility of the individual. No privately owned computers, printers, or other devices may be attached to the district’s network unless district technology department personnel have authorized the addition. Any device that runs Palm OS, Windows CE or Pocket PC or like product is considered a computer.


  • Software residing on private computers must be personally owned. All devices must include anti-virus software as necessary. The student or employee will be responsible to provide proof of this information upon request


  • District technicians will not service, repair, support, or setup any computer not belonging to the district. No internal components belonging to the district shall be placed in any personal equipment, whether as an enhancement, upgrade or replacement. No software that is installed on a personal machine will be supported by district level personnel. If personal software interferes with the district network software or hardware, a technician WILL remove the computer from the network until such time that said computer is compatible with our network settings. Any damage caused by use in the Trimble County School District is the responsibility of the owner.
  • Technology peripherals (printers, scanners, projectors, etc.) purchased privately to be used in the school system must also be maintained by the owner. Purchasing perishable supplies to be used in equipment not owned by the district is the owner’s responsibility.


  • A privately owned computer can be connected to the district’s network, including access to the Internet, under the following conditions:
    1. The connection has been approved by the district technology department.
    2. Use of the device must adhere to the Trimble County School District’s Acceptable Use Policy
    3. File storage on the network from privately owned computers is limited to schoolwork only.
    4. The individual must supply all necessary hardware/software and cabling to connect to the network. The technology department will provide wireless connections – if available at the school.
    5. Privately owned computers must be running current virus detection software prior to accessing the network or Internet. If no anti-virus program is installed, there are several available on the internet for free download.

TCPS rights

  • The district retains the right to determine where and when privately owned equipment may connect to the network. The student/employee is responsible for the security of the equipment at all times. Trimble County School District does not guarantee the privacy or security of any item(s) stored on or transmitted by any privately owned computers.
  • For privately owned computers being used in district facilities, the Trimble County School District reserves the right to:
    1. Monitor all activity.
    2. Make determinations on whether specific uses of the computer are consistent with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy.
    3. Log network use and to monitor storage disk space utilized by such users.
    4. Deem what is appropriate use.
    5. Remove the user’s access to the network and suspend the right to use the privately owned computer in district facilities if at any time it is determined that the user is engaged in unauthorized activity or is violating the Acceptable Use Policy.

Wireless network access to ANY connection, other than those provided by the Trimble County School District, is unauthorized and students/employees are not permitted to use them.


  • I have read and consent to the above information. I am requesting that my privately owned equipment described below be attached to the Trimble County School District’s network.
  • Any unacceptable use will result in immediate revocation of any and all rights to connect personally owned devises to the Trimble County School District network.


Trimble County School District Personal Use Application

Complete the information below and return this form to your STC or building supervisor.
See below for instructions on getting the required information and setting up your device.

Date: _________________________________________________________________

Brand Name: ___________________________________________________________

Model Number: _________________________________________________________

Serial Number: __________________________________________________________

Device Name: ________________________________________________________

Device MAC Address: __________________________________________________

Area of Use (TCHS, TCMS, BES, MES, District Wide): ___________________________

Description (computer, laptop, smartphone, Ipad, etc.): ____________________________

Staff Member/Student (Printed Name): ________________________________________

Staff Member/Student Signature: _____________________________________________

Antivirus program installed: _________________________________________________

Device Name and MAC Address Information For Personal Use Policy

To find your computer name and MAC Address for the Personal Device Policy do the following.

  1. Click on Start/RUN
  2. Type CMD, Click on OK or press the ENTER key
  3. In the DOS prompt (Command Line Interface) type ECHO %COMPUTERNAME%
  4. Press the ENTER key
  5. The display should now show the name of your computer
  6. Write it on the policy form.
  8. Press the ENTER key
  9. Find the line that says PHYSICAL Address (May be multiple entries if you have wireless and Ethernet both). The format should be 6 groups of 2 characters or numbers separated by dashes (00-0f-5d-6b-77-8a)
  10. Write ALL Physical addresses found on the policy form

Trimble County School District Personal Use Policy

Proxy Information for Teacher and Student Owned Computers

In order to connect your personally owned device to the Trimble County School District Network (TCPSNet) you must change proxy information on your device.

For Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on TOOLS
  4. Click on CONNECTIONS
  5. Click on LAN Settings
  6. If unchecked, Click on the box next PROXY SERVER
  7. In the ADDRESS box type in proxy.trimble.kyschools.us
  8. In the PORT box, type in 8080
  9. Click OK until you are back to the main webpage screen
  10. Refresh your browser

For Fire Fox

  1. Open Fire Fox
  2. Click on TOOLS
  3. Click on OPTIONS
  4. Click on the ADVACNED tab (blue gear icon)
  5. Click on the NETWORK tab
  6. Click on the SETTINGS button
  7. Click on the circle next to MANUAL PROXY CONFIGURATION
  8. In the HTTP PROXY box type in proxy.trimble.kyschools.us
  9. In the PORT box, type in 8080
  10. Press OK until you are back to the main web page screen
  11. Refresh your browser
  12. You should now get a Proxy Authentication Dialog box.
  13. Type in your school provided username preceded by Trimble\ in the username box (trimble\jdoe)
  14. Type in the password for your school provided username and click on OK.
  15. You should now be able to get to the internet.
  16. In order to get to your student/Teacher files, go to the Trimble County Public Schools website www.trimble.kyschools.usand click on the ‘my files’ link.
  17. Log into ‘my files’ like you would from home.

Email will be available via webmail by going to www.trimble.kyschools.us and clicking on the web mail link and logging in using your school provided logon credentials.