The above quote is not only true for students, but for adults as well.  We all have our way ways of doing things, organizing things, and getting our jobs done.  As adults we come up with our own systems, strategies, and routines to get through life.  Our students need to be intentionally taught these skills in order to manage their learning.  We have two systems in TCPS built for just this purpose: Unit plan/Curriculum framework maps to plan for learning and the RTI/MTSS structure.  I wanted to dedicate my instructional update this week to familiarize our new staff and revisit with veteran staff how and why we do what we do.

Unit plan/Curriculum framework

In June, I provided each teacher some feedback regarding unit plans/curriculum frameworks.  One piece of feedback that I received was that the feedback did not seem consistent.  After I thought about it, I realized that was a correct statement.  I wanted to clarify that it was different intentionally.  Each content area has its own set of standards, which are organized in very different ways.  There are different places in the standards that align with the components of the unit plan/curriculum framework document.  There are also additional resources to pull from if you are using the Summit Platform, the EL curriculum for elementary ELA, Engage NY (Eureka) for elementary math, etc…

I have begun working on a document that outlines the differences and it is linked below…

In addition, your principals and I decided that it would be beneficial to provide job embedded support during PLC’s to answer questions throughout the school year.  Below is a listing of the upcoming dates by school.

MES- Friday 9/10

BES- Thursday 9/30

Jr/Sr- rescheduled date TBD


In response to requests for streamlined access to resources for tiered support, I have created linked documents for reading, writing, math, and behavior that can be used to identify the specific strategy to be implemented with students receiving tier 1, 2, or 3 supports through RTI/MTSS.  These documents were shared with you during your work days before school and are linked below…





If you have any questions about our RTI/MTSS process, below is a link to all of the procedures and protocols…

Below are the dates for the upcoming RTI/MTSS PLC meetings by school.

BES- Wednesday 9/15

MES- primary Wednesday 9/29

MES- intermediate Friday 10/1

Jr/Sr- rescheduled date TBD

Please reach out with any questions you may have regarding either of these topics or anything else with which you may need assistance.

Thank you for all you do for the students of Trimble County!!

Dr. Kathy House 

Chief Academic Officer Trimble County Schools

“It’s About Every Student, Every Day…No Excuses!”