Great to Be Back!

It has been a GREAT week back at Trimble County Schools!!! It was
refreshing to see our students again after such an extensive break. I
can’t begin to thank everyone for their support in ensuring such a
smooth transition for our students return. Our school staff has been
phenomenal, and so have our parents and students. It’s truly a team
effort! The county incident rate remained fairly steady with a slight
increase this past week and as of Thursday the incident rate was 57. The
district has seen a gradual decline in positive cases this past week
and currently between students and staff there are 6 active cases. Based
on the number of students and staff in the school district that’s the
equivalent of .004 positive cases in the district. We are hopeful that
we will not experience a significant increase of cases within Trimble
Co. Schools although we understand it is highly likely that the county
incident rate is predicted to increase over the next two weeks. We will
continue to monitor our data and will make modifications as necessary.
We will continue with in-person classes, Monday through Thursday of next
school week and will do all that we can to provide the safest school
measures possible. Remember, you can check our real-time covid data to
monitor the cases in the district. This information is updated daily.
Thanks again for all you do for our students and have a great weekend!

Link to Real-Time Data-