It’s hard to believe that we begin in-person classes on Monday. We never would have thought that when we sent students home on March 13th 2020, that we wouldn’t see them again until almost October…and it is finally here! We are excited to begin face to face instruction next week! I cannot express my overwhelming gratitude and appreciation for the entire Trimble County Staff…. I am proud of their dedication and compassion that so many of us have witnessed. They have worked tirelessly to make the best of this situation.

I hope the materials and information that we share with you have been helpful. We want to be very transparent about the covid data in our school district, so we have created a Trimble County Schools COVID-19 Dashboard to keep the community informed. This link will be on our district web-page for anyone to have access to view at any time. The dashboard shows new cases daily, active cases, and number of students and staff in quarantine. The data on the dashboard has been confirmed through the health department or a medical facility and then communicated to our office. Please let us know what questions you may have concerning the dashboard data.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!