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March 2, 2018


Greetings Milton Elementary Families,


I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the safety protocols and drills that we have been practicing this week at MES. The week of March 1-7th is Kentucky Severe Weather Awareness Week. During this week we bring awareness to our students of what to do should we experience severe weather. Yesterday at 10:07 am we participated in the Statewide Tornado Drill. During this drill students practice two different types of procedures. The first is a Drop Drill. This is used when there is little or no warning. Students will immediately move under a table or desk in the kneeling position covering their head with their hands. This is what we practiced yesterday. The second is a Safe Area Drill. This is used when we have advance notification. Students are moved from the classroom to a room with no windows or doors, preferably near the center of the building. This drill will be practiced the last week of March along with the Earthquake Drill. The Earthquake drill is similar to the Drop Drill for Tornados. Students will move under a desk or table or in a doorway away from hanging lights. Each month we also do a Fire Drill. Our March drill was completed yesterday with all students exiting the building in 69 seconds. That’s pretty amazing!

In light of the threat found at the middle school and what is going on across the nation, I know that many of you have many questions and concerns regarding the safety of your student(s). Trimble County Public Schools are working closely with the Trimble County Sheriff’s Department to provide secure measures for all students. This morning we practiced our second Lock Down Drill. During this drill all doors are locked and all windows are covered (interior and exterior). Students are moved to a corner of the room away from doors and windows sitting on the floor with the lights out. Teachers uses a colored card system in both the interior door window and exterior window to indicate that all students are secure and safe. During this time office, custodial, and extra staff sweep the building checking that all interior and exterior doors are secure and that all classrooms have indicated the safety of their students. Teachers will have their cell phones available for communication.

As you may recall from last year there are two types of Lock Down, soft and hard. In a soft lockdown we are in cautionary status and students may leave the classroom for a restroom emergency escorted by office staff. During a hard lockdown, no one may leave the room or building for any reason until an all clear is issued. In both cases access to the building by anyone that is not a TCPS employee (must be wearing a TCPS ID), emergency personnel, or law enforcement will be denied. Communication with the community will be sent through One Call.

Copies of our Emergency Management Plan and our SBDM policies for each drill are located on the MES website in the quicklink section. I welcome any questions that you may have.





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