General Information

Report cards are sent home each nine weeks.  Deficiency reports are sent home mid nine weeks.  Please use these reporting devices to keep abreast of your child's progress.

We encourage parent/teacher conferences and solicit your cooperation in selecting the proper time and place for a conference before school, during the teacher's planning time, conference time or after school.  An appointment must be made in advance with a teacher.  A teacher cannot be called during the day but they can return your call at a more convenient time.  You are more than welcome to e-mail your child's teacher but please be advised that your e-mail will not be answered during the instructional school day. 

Parents and grandparents are always welcome at our school.  All visitors must sign in at the office and receive a visitor's badge. 

Schools are immediately informed about severe weather information.  If a severe weather warning is issued, the staff and students will report to their designated safe areas immediately and remain there until they are instructed to do otherwise.

During the school year, if it is necessary to dismiss school early or cancel school due to bad weather, parents and students will be informed by the following radio or television stations:

WHAS Radio - Louisville            WAVE Channel 3 - Louisville
WHAS Channel 11 - Louisville      WORX Radio - Madison
WLKY Channel 32 - Louisville     

On any delay schedule, the school day would end on a regular dismissal time of 3:05 p.m.

Parents are asked not to call the school when it becomes apparent that schools may close early due to bad weather.  It is necessary that the telephone lines remain free.

The school will not dispense medication to students unless we have a permission form signed by the parent/guardian. Children's medication will need to be brought to the school by the parent/guardian to give to the school nurse or the office manager and picked up from school by a parent/guardian.  Children are not to carry medication with them at any time unless there is a written health plan.

All prescription medication must be brought to the school by the parent/guardian in the original container.  If it is a prescription medication, the original prescription label including the physician's directions for dispensing the medicine must be attached.  Again, a permission form must be signed by the parent/guardian before any medication can be dispensed.

Lunch/breakfast may be paid in advance and payment given to the homeroom teacher in the morning.  Lunch and breakfast can be purchased by the day, week or month.  Payment must be made by putting your child's lunch money into an envelope with their name, lunch number and teacher's name on the outside.  Checks to purchase lunch should be made payable to Milton Elementary.