School Policies

Our doors will be opened and supervised at 7:30 a.m. For the safety of your child/children, please DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS PRIOR TO 7:30. Car riders will go to the cafeteria until 7:45 when breakfast is called.  At 7:50 students will be dismissed to their classrooms. 
Transportation changes must be made through the PICK UP PATROL.   PHONE CALLS will not be permitted.  Please make sure you have a number tag for student pick up.  If not, see Ms. Jill in the office. 
Students are expected to behave on the bus as they would in the classroom.
Student expectations are as follows:
Sit in designated seat as assigned by the bus driver.
No eating or drinking while on the bus.
Keep hands and belongings inside the bus at all times.
Remain seated at all times. 
Talk quietly.
Respect the bus driver.
Any changes to tranporation MUST be made through the Pick Up Patrol. PHONE CALLS will not be permitted for these changes. 
Milton is known for having good attendance. We want that trend to continue, so we are asking you to make sure that your child is present at school every day that is possible. Also, please get them here on time and try to schedule doctor’s appointments late enough that the student will not have to leave early. Students who arrive after 8:23 will need to be signed in at the front office by a parent and/or guardian.
Elementary students are allowed to charge breakfast, lunch, milk, or juice for a maximum of three days. A record of charges is kept in the computer and the student is informed each time a charge is posted to their account. All charges must be paid within two weeks. No charges are allowed the last two weeks of the school year.
Should it be necessary for as student to charge for more than three days, the parent must call or send a note to the school principal or lunchroom manager to make arrangements for the charges and payment.