Student Expectations:



·        Raise your hand if you need something.

·        Stay seated on your bottom, feet under the table.

·        Be polite.

·        Get EVERYTHING you need before you sit down.

·        Do not flip milk cartons or juice, or reach down into the bottom of the milk crates.  Take milk from the top.

·        Talk quietly to people close to you at the same table.

·        No seconds!

·        No sharing food.

·        You cannot bring any food or drink back to the classroom.

·        If a parent comes to eat with you, you may pick ONE student from your own class to eat with you.

·        Guests to the lunchroom must not bring in carry-out food, candy, or drinks, but should buy a school lunch.

·        Birthday treats must be store bought (due to food allergies).

·        Scrape your tray, stack it correctly, and don’t throw your fork in the garbage.

·        Walk to line up at the door.  Stay behind the red tile at the right hand door.

·        Do not touch the doors or windows.

·        Stand without talking or touching anyone.

·        No ala carte items or water can be purchased if your account is empty.


·        No running.

·        No talking.

·        Walk single file.

·        Keep hands at your sides.

·        Don’t high 5 other as you pass them.

·        Don’t bother students in classrooms.

Water Fountain

·        Don’t put your mouth on the faucet.

·        No pushing.

·        Wait quietly.

·        Don’t get water on the floor.


·        No horseplay.

·        No talking.

·        Only wash hands and face…no getting hair wet.

·        No peeking in stalls, or crawling under stalls.

·        No standing on toilets or urinals.




General Rules:

·        No sitting on top of any equipment.

·        No lifting other people.

·        No throwing mulch, rocks, grass, etc.

·        No jumping off of ANY equipment.

·        No fighting games.

·        No hitting or roughhousing.

·        Line up immediately when the whistle blows.

·        Put away any equipment that you got out.

·        No kicking or throwing balls at the wall in an attempt to hit the lights or get the balls stuck on the roof.


·        Sit on bottom/ no laying on stomach or standing.

·        No jumping out of swings.

·        No pushing empty swings.

·        No twisting in swings.

·        No pushing other students in swings.


·        Sit on bottom and go feet first.

·        Don’t lean over the edge of the slide.

·        Slide one at a time.

·        Don’t sit at the top or on the steps.

·        No climbing UP the slide.


Curved Bars:

·        Hang by arms only.

·        Don’t sit in the bars—no legs up in it.

 Sliding Handle:

·        Go one at a time.

·        No pushing others on the handle.

·        It is only for those who are tall enough to reach it from the ground.