Parent Information

INFINITE CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL - ENTER HERE   -  Infinite Campus will enable you to check your child's grades, attendance, assignments, schedule and behavior incidents.  If you would like access to the Parent Portal, please contact your child's school secretary.  This program is available for parents of students in grades 3-12.

 HOW DO I ENROLL MY CHILD?                  

 Trimble County Public Schools welcomes your child and you to our district.  In order to make the process as smooth as possible and reduce delays in obtaining necessary information, we ask that you follow this guideline to complete the registration: 

 Step I: Complete a Student Enrollment Form for each child enrolled in the Trimble County Public Schools.

Step II: Collect the following to complete registration and return everything to the office of the school that your child will be attending.    
* Proof of residency (utility bill, rental agreement,    driver's license)    
* Birth certificate (official Vital Statistics form)    
* Social Security card    
* Eye Exam for 1st time enrollment into Kindergarten    
* Dental Screening for 1st time enrollment into Kindergarten    
* In-state immunization certificate    
* Physical by physician for 1st time enrollment in Kentucky  school or 6th grader    
* Transcript from previous school for high school students    
* Last report card for elementary and middle school students    
* Special education info if applicable  (current IEP, conference summary from last ARC)    
* Medical info if special condition exists    
* Guardianship documentation signed by judge if not being enrolled by parent  
If you have questions, you can call the Central Office at 502-255-3201 or your child's school.


PHYSICAL FORM  -  Initial Entry (head start - 4th grade)

PHYSICAL FORM  -  (5th - 12th grade)




PHYSICAL FORM   -  (Participation in Sports)

VOLUNTEER/CHAPERONE FORM   -  If you would like to volunteer to work with your child's school or chaperone on a field trip, you are required to fill out this form and send it in to your child's school.  A background check will be conducted which is only valid for one school year effective July 1, 2011.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sandy Ward at the Trimble Co. Board of Education.