Having issues accessing websites from home with the Chromebook?

If a student is having issues accessing websites from the Chromebook, while away from the TCPS campuses, they will need to login to the Lightspeed web filter.

To access the login page, each student issued Chromebook will have a link on the left hand side of the browser window that is labeled “stu.trimble.kyschools.us” and when clicked on, it will show 2 shortcuts – “Lightspeed Login” and “Lightspeed Logout”

If the link isn’t there, clicking on the 3 vertical dots to the top right hand side of the browser window will open a context menu. This menu will have a link named “Bookmarks”. If this link is clicked, it will reveal the same link named “stu.trimble.kyschools.us”, containing the same 2 Lightspeed shortcuts.

Subsequently, if the links are not in either place, clicking in the address bar and typing LSURL.ME/IN and pressing the ENTER key will open the same page.


Once the Lightspeed Login page has opened, the students email address will need to be entered into the USERNAME text box and the associated password will have to be entered in the PASSWORD box.

After entering this information, the AUTHENTICATE button needs to be clicked.

Once the user has been authenticated, a “Login Successful” page will appear, stating the currently logged in user (this should match the user that is trying to login)

The login page might require a Google login to happen before allowing the Lightspeed login. If this occurs, the student will be redirected to a Google Login screen (“powered by Office 365”) where the students email address and password will need to be entered again. Once the user has done this, they should receive the same “Login Successful” page.


From here, the student should be able to access any website needed.

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