Trimble County High School Mission and Vision

TCHS Crest



It is the mission of Trimble County High School to graduate students who are responsible, respectful, independent, creative, and service-oriented citizens




A student who graduates from our school will ….


  • receive a diploma from a state-recognized school of distinction where teachers use creative methods to engage their students with relevant and real-world instruction


  • be qualified for post-secondary college and career programs


  • have developed effective leadership skills


  • be critical thinkers and problem solvers


  • manage time effectively, be goal oriented, and practice effective organizational skills


  • be able to communicate ideas and thoughts effectively in a variety of modes (written and spoken)


  • be able to read and understand informational text at grade level


  • have shown evidence of having served his/her community


  • demonstrate a basic understanding of how to effectively manage money
  • understand how to best utilize technology; including being proficient at finding reliable and accurate information and using social media responsibly 


  • gain an appreciation of diverse experiences and cultures


  • possess the skill set to persevere through difficult challenges



Faculty Commitments


Our faculty commits to:

1. Keeping the faith; believing that our mission is possible

2. Holding students and ourselves to high expectations

3. Working collaboratively in a positive, professional manner for the benefit of our students

4. Teaching rigorous, engaging content aligned to state and national standards

5. Communicating clear expectations for learning and behavior to our students

6. Choosing our words carefully and monitoring our body language so that our actions build others up and provide encouragement

7. Treating all students fairly (which does not necessarily mean equally)

8. Considering each student as an individual, granting them equal access to our time, resources and expertise

9. Removing barriers by providing multiple opportunities to succeed

10. Providing a safe, secure learning environment