PR - Writing

Program Review

Curriculum and Instruction  
Demonstrator 1: Student Access  
Demonstrator 2: Aligned and Rigorous Curriculum  
Demonstrator 3: Instructional Strategies  
Demonstrator 4: Student Performance  
Formative and Summative Assessment  
Demonstrator 1:  Variety of Assessment  
Demonstrator 2: Expectations for Student Learning  
Demonstrator 3:  Response to Assessment  
Professional Development and Support Services  
Demonstrator 1:  Planning  
Demonstrator 2:  Participation  
Demonstrator 3:  Teacher Leadership  
Administrative/Leadership Support and Monitoring  
Demonstrator 1:  Shared Vision  
Demonstrator 2:  Time and Resources  
Demonstrator 3:  Policies and Monitoring  
Demonstrator 4:  Principal Leadership